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Purchase, Refinance, Credit Improvement or anything else... I'm Here for you.
if you...
  • Have a 640+ FICO score
  • Will put less than 20% down-payment
  • Will be (re)financing the property in California
You NEED to be working with me
"Brett is an awesome Loan Officer/Branch Manager.  He recently closed his first deal with us in 13 business days. His loan was very well processed because of his high level of loan expertise and his ability to grasp new systems..."
Liza Negrete - Mega Capital Funding
"Brett is fantastic at loans. He is so coachable and always is searching to learn more about guidelines to help himself get better. Not many LOs do that now a days, and he never takes any added value I can give for granted..."
Shawn Devlin - Motive Lending
"Thank you to Brett for not only helping my clients but for the invaluable wealth of knowledge that was included. He is totally professional, highly communicative and performs even beyond what he promised..."
Ronnie Rawat - CFPL
"I have been working with Brett for almost five years and he is very knowledgeable about loans and credit repair. I would definitely recommend him to the job..."
Virginia Claudet Alfaro - Independent Financial Service Professional

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What if I'm already working with someone else?
Great! Means you probably have an idea of what you’re being offered and are more educated on the home buying experience. Challenge me to come up with a better strategy or terms for your home financing needs.  
Can you work with specific budgets?
Absolutely! With all the lenders that I work with and the variety of loan programs I have at my disposal, I’m very confident that I have something that will work for you. No Money down? No problem! I offer up to 5% Grant programs for first-time home buyers. How about 3% down payment for a conventional loan with the option to not have monthly MI. Talk about monthly savings plus not having to deal with FHA condo approval process (Ask your agent what a headache that can be).
Does someone need to have excellent credit?
No you don’t need excellent credit to work with me or to get into the home of your dreams. Having excellent credit does open up more loan options for you but I certainly can offer loans for borrowers with Fico scores below 580 and only need 3.5% down and still deliver great lending terms.
What if someone decides to buy all cash?
Over 50% of my clients are investors and that’s for a reason… I have options, lots of them! Amassing the funds to purchase a home all cash means that you understand the value of leveraging your assets and that you probably know a thing or two about it. With my assistance and lending options available, I can help you leverage your assets to work better for you when purchasing all cash.  
Why should I work with Brett Wolcott?
I have a reputation of going to the furthest reaches of my database of lenders and contacts to make the home buying experience possible for my clients. If you’re aiming for the best possible rate and financing terms, I can do that. If you need to close escrow fast, I can do that. If other brokers and lenders said “no,” I can probably say “yes.” Long story short, if I can’t do it, then it probably can’t be done.  

I'm a Loan Officer, Realtor and the VP of Mortgage Origination at Magnus Capital. I've been in the business since 2004 and have an extensive background in not only real estate financing but also in credit improvement and a firm understanding of the FCRA and FDCPA.

I'm trusted by a diverse group of clientele from seasoned investors to first-time home buyers all with a scenario that is unique and challenging in their own right. Real Estate Agents, Attorneys and Escrow Officers know that they can count on me to get time sensitive and or difficult deals done not only quickly but also making economic sense for everyone involved.

Speed and efficiency are certainly what I strive for on every deal with a goal to close deals in 7-12 days or less. However, with that said, I'm certainly not one to shy away from "hard to close", "difficult", or "out of the box" type deals either.

BRE: 01910870 NMLS: 947441
"I pride myself on saying that if I can't close your deal, it probably can't be done."
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